Community of the Crucified and Risen Love

Who are we?

Our Community was founded at Maastricht (The Netherlands) on September 1st, 1989.
In the meantime we live and serve from several monasteries: 1. our first monastery "de Kommel" at Maastricht, 2. the pelgrimage church of Saint Apollinaris in Remagen (Germany), 3. the monastery of Mary Immaculate in Orscholz (Germany) and 4. the pilgrimage church of Mary in Moresnet-Chapelle (Belgium).

Our name conveys the content of our spirituality: we consists of a community of priests, brothers and who have devoted themselves fully to Jesus Christ, to Him who gave Himself to us completely through His Cross and Resurrection.

Our life is centred on the Paschal Mystery as our fundamental perspective:

- A community at the heart of the Catholic Church:

we wish to be faithful to the Church, its doctrine, liturgy and life, and to be obedient to those who hold ecclesiastical office.

- An Eucharistic community:

the daily celebration of the Eucharist, Eucharistic adoration and the liturgy of the hours always leads us to the source of our personal and community life.

- A Marian community:

we are convinced that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph; therefore, we dedicate ourselves daily to Mary, we pray the Rosary and we try to really experience the message that she gave and gives us in Medjugorje. In, through, with and for Mary we belong to the Lord.

- A charismatic community:

in imitation of Mary, we want to be completely open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that the Lord may also bring about a new Pentecost of love in His Church through us.

- A community of brothers and sisters:

the "Missionaries of Crucified and Risen Love" and “Devotees”. Through our vows of poverty, obedience and chastity, we dedicate our whole lives to Christ.    

- An apostolic community:

we want to serve the spiritual renewal of the Church, especially through our apostolate of evan-gelisation and pastoral care. In this respect, the Spirit himself is constantly showing us new forms and possibilities.

The first and primary apostolate is to be a community in which people can truly encounter and follow Christ.

We are a community and we wish to grow in order to produce fruit, a hundredfold. For us, sanctification also means giving our lives.

Whoever is attracted by this concept is welcome.

- by coming to our liturgy, in particular to our weekly prayer evening (Wednesdays) or monthly Marian prayer day

- by living for some time in our community, as a guest
- by helping us as a volunteer in our monastery

Our services in Maastricht in 2024

Monthly service in Matthias Church: Holy Mass on Sunday evening 6 p.m.

Dates 2024: February 18th; March 17th; April 21st; May 12th; June 16th; July 14th; August 11th; September 22nd; October 13th; November 17th and December 15th.

Monthly "Open Church" in the Matthias Church:

10 a.m. worship, praise and blessing. 12 a.m. Holy Mass (Dutch).
Dates 2024: March 1th; April 5th; May 3rd; May 31st; July 5th; August 2nd; September 6th; October 4th; November 1st and December 6th.

Services in our monastery in Maastricht

- weekly at wednesday:
    5 p.m.         Adoration and rosary
    6 p.m.         Holy Mass (Dutch)
    7.30 p.m.   Praying evening
- monthly Marian prayer day
- center of mercy, inspired by Saint Faustyna and Saint John Paul II
More information: see our website

Our Community Cross

The circle symbolises God the Father and it is also a symbol of Mary, the womb which gave birth to Jesus. The cross bears the marks of the stigmata and the crown of thorns. The dove symbolises the Holy Spirit.
Through Mary, the Father gives us his Son. The Son, crucified and risen from the dead, sacrifices himself to redeem us. At the same time, in the name of his Son, the Father gives the Holy Spirit to the Church to build it up, to guide it, to sanctify it and to renew it. In our surrender to God and in union with the Crucified and Risen Love, we wish to receive the flow of blood (redemption) and water (Holy Spirit) and give our answer: to offer ourselves completely for the sake of the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth.

How can you support us?

We ask you to pray for our community and our apostolate. In principle, all our ministries and activities are "free". However, as we live on whatever the Divine Providence offers, we are grateful for and depend on financial support and voluntary contributions.
Gifts of all kinds are also welcome. Our community is an official church institution, founded and recognised by the Bishop of Roermond.
Our bank account is: “De Kommel” IBAN: NL 76 INGB 0003 4563 14.

Information-flyer (pdf)

Sermon 18.2.2024 (Matthias Church)